iTero 3D Intraoral Scanner

The future of dentistry has arrived at Ken-Ton Family Dental!! A state of the art digital scanner, the iTero Element, will replace standard  impression taking for crowns and veneers, restoring implants and fabricating Invisalign clear aligners for orthodontics. The scanner uses a light wand to produce a 3D model of your mouth which is viewed in real time.

Benefits of Digital Scanning itero Element Digital Scanner

In the past we took impressions by mixing a bitter tasting (but highly accurate) impression material, placing it in a tray and letting it sit in our patient’s mouths for 3 minutes. For our patients it was a very long 3 minutes.

Our new system allows for:

Easy & Comfortable Tooth Impressions

No messy impression material

Can pause scanning at any time means no gag

No unpleasant taste or smell

Better dental experience

Accurate & Fast Tooth Impressions

6000 frames per second produces outstanding fit of laboratory crowns and Invisalign trays

Digital accuracy results in less time spent in the dental chair

Easy rescanning of any changes made to the teeth. We can just rescan a small section and have it “stitched” into the rest of the scan

Digital Scanning Works With Invisalign

For patients interested in correcting their crooked smiles using orthodontics, the itero Element is a game changer. We can scan our patients in less then 10 minutes and then give them a look at their new smile.  The iTero comes equipped with the Invisalign outcome simulator which can show you how your teeth may look after Invisalign treatment.

The iTero Scanner Helps With Dental Implants and Crowns

We can use the scanner to take impressions for dental implant crowns, bridges and tooth supported crowns and veneers. This gives us exceptionally accurate fitting  final restorations.

Paying attention to the details has always benefited our patients !  Our office always strives to provide the best care possible. The iTero Element will continue to allow our office to provide the best orthodontic and restorative care that dentistry has to offer.